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AP / Honors

 We are proud to offer over 50 sections of AP (Advanced Placement) and Honors courses to our students.   We encourage students taking AP courses to take the AP Exams offered each year.

Students register for the exams in the fall, take the exams in late spring, and receive the results in July.  The courses and exams are rigorous, but some universities and colleges will convert AP exam scores into college credit!  (Check with the college you are interested in to learn their policy.)

Below is a list of our current AP courses.  Please feel free to contact the teacher if you have any questions regarding the course. Students enrolling in an AP or Honors class are required to complete the Advanced Placement/Honors Commitment Pledge (Español).

For general information about our AP program or the exams, please contact our AP Coordinator, Robert Grebe ( or his assistant, Lisa Basford ( or (707) 253-3713.  Thank you!