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Course Catalog

The faculty and staff at Napa High School believe in the success of each and every student.  We will do everything we can to support the academic success and personal growth of all our students.  Our goal is for students to graduate “College and Career” ready.  You hold the keys that will open the doors to the fulfillment of your individual academic achievements and educational growth.    

Below are the district graduation requirements along with information about college entrance requirements. Course offerings are listed by department.  It is intended that families review this catalog together making informed decisions about an educational program that will interest and challenge a student’s intellect. Students should be encouraged to select an academically rigorous program in order to develop their full potential. We hope that students will find time in their schedule to become involved in athletics and/or other co-curricular programs which can be a very enriching part of a well-rounded educational experience.  

**We recommend that families also review our Course Selection FAQs to find information about the required number of courses a student must take and when schedule changes are allowed.**

Students enrolling in an AP or Honors class are required to complete the Advanced Placement/Honors Commitment Pledge (Español). (Note - only student logged into NVUSD account can complete the form)

 graduation reqs

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Our High School Counselors are dedicated to student success.  They provide comprehensive academic support, while recognizing the individual needs of students within a diverse population.  Counselors work with students in assessing, planning, and achieving their immediate and long-term goals as well as assisting students in developing self-knowledge, self-esteem, and self-confidence to enhance student learning and success. Students are encouraged to visit the Student Services/Counseling web page for college and career planning.      


English Learner Services

The English Learner Program provides services for students who do not speak English as their primary language and whose scores on a language test (ELPAC) qualify them for the program.  We offer three (3) levels of English Language Development (ELD) and sheltered instruction in certain core academic areas.   


Parent/Student Portal  

Parents and Students can view attendance and grades electronically through a web based Aeries Program, and receive updates on school news through Parent Square. To access the various systems, please use the links below:  

Report Cards & Grading System  

Report cards are available to the student four times a year at the close of each nine-week grading period.  Progress reports are given to student’s mid-way through the second and fourth grading periods.  

A =   Superior achievement  

B =   Above average achievement  

C =   Average  

D =   Below average achievement  

F =   Failure to achieve minimum requirement  

I =   Incomplete will be converted to “F” if work is not completed within 6 weeks 

W = Withdrawal from course.  

“+” = Near requirements of next high scholarship mark  

“-” = Near requirements of next lower scholarship mark  


Mid-Year Graduation Requirements  

Students who wish to graduate before the completion of eight semesters must request permission for mid-year graduation from their counselor, their principal, and their parents.  In addition, they must complete the mid-year graduation process.  To be considered for mid-year graduation, a student must be within thirty-five (35) credits of the required two hundred twenty (220) credits at the beginning of his/her last semester.  Other requirements apply - Please see your counselor for assistance with this process.  


Health Services  

School health services help to protect and improve the health of students, thus aiding their growth and development and enabling them to benefit fully from school experiences.  Record of immunizations as required by California law must be presented at the time of student enrollment.  A qualified school nurse is available at the school site to provide health services, health conferences and health education.  In the event of illness, parents are notified before a student is sent home.  If an accident or emergency exists and a parent cannot be reached, local municipal emergency services are contacted. A doctor’s permission slip may be requested for a student to be re-admitted to school.  The goal is to develop in each student a sense of responsibility for his or her own health and an understanding of the principles upon which good health is based.  


Athletic Program and Eligibility  

The athletic program provides students with opportunities in high school athletics and for participation in competitive sports.  It also encourages good scholastic standing and the completion of high school.  To be eligible to participate in the program, a student must receive an un-weighted 2.0 grade point average on the previous grading period and complete 20 credits.  By rule of California Interscholastic Federation (C.I.F.), a player is limited to eight semesters of eligibility and shall not participate in interscholastic activities after he/she has reached his/her 19th birthday prior to June 15. At the present time, many Graduates enjoy the benefits of athletic scholarships earned on the basis of their participation in the high school athletic program.  In order to participate in the college athletics program, students must clear through the NCAA Eligibility center.  

The following sports are highly organized, competitive activities for the participant who has a degree of athletic ability. In addition to developing athletic skills, fitness, and health, this program teaches student-athletes to value fair play and cooperation, and fosters a positive self-image and sense of self-worth.  

Fall Season:  Boys’ Water Polo, Cross Country (co-ed), Girls Golf, Girls Tennis, Girls’ Water Polo, Girls’ Volleyball, Football  

Winter Season:  Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Wrestling (co-ed), Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ Soccer 

Spring Season:  Boys’ Baseball, Boys’ Golf, Boys’ Tennis, Badminton (co-ed), Girls’ Softball, Swimming (co-ed), Track & Field (co-ed), Boys’ Lacrosse, Girls’ Lacrosse    

State championships are held in football, cross-country, volleyball, basketball, soccer, wrestling and track.