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Important Dates & Forms

Dropping a Class at Napa High

Administrative Regulation 5121 - Withdrawal from a class: A student who drops a course during the first six weeks of the semester may do so without any entry on his/her permanent record card.  A student who drops a course after the first six weeks of the semester shall receive an F grade on his/her permanent record, unless otherwise decided by the principal or designee because of extenuating circumstances in which case a student shall receive a “W” (Withdrawal) on his/her transcript.

Fall and Spring Semesters Grading Policy
Week 1 - 6 No entry on transcript but drops require signature of the instructor, parent, and counselor.
Week 6 - 10 Drops require the signature of the instructor. Based on student effort and attendance during enrichment/intervention time, the student will receive an "F" or a "W" (Withdrawal) on his/her transcript. F grades are calculated in the GPA. W grades are not calculated in the GPA.
After Week 10 No drops are allowed; the instructor will assign normal grade.


Dropping a Class at NVC

Students who cannot continue or no longer wish to be enrolled in a class at Napa Valley College are responsible for officially dropping or withdrawing from the class. Non-attendance in a class does not guarantee that the instructor will drop a student from the class, and may result in receipt of an unsatisfactory grade.

Students may drop or withdraw from classes online through WebAdvisor or in person by submitting a completed Drop Card to the Admissions and Records Office. Students should refer to the website for specific drop and withdrawal deadlines.

Reference: NVC BP/AP 5070 (S6215)

Click here to complete the online work permit application.  You will need your employer's business name, address, phone number & email. You will also need parent approval.

Once you complete the form, Mrs. Howden will create your work permit.  She will then email the work permit to your boss and send a copy to you.  Check your email for your copy.  Please allow 48 -72 hours to receive the work permit.

Please note that a work permit may not be issued in the case of truancy, low GPA, or chronic behavioral issues and that a work permit may be revoked for the same reasons. 


Contact Mrs. Howden if you have any questions - or (707) 253-3716

Unofficial Copy - Students can email their counselor to ask for an unofficial copy of their transcript for their own records. Click here to find your counselor.

Official Copy - Students have two options for requesting official copies of their transcripts.

  • Digital copies can be sent to colleges through Naviance. Please watch this 2 min video to explain how to do it.
  • Paper copies to be mailed to a college or university can be ordered through the District website.  Instructions and contact information can be found at the link below. 

Transcript Request through Naviance (digital copy) 

NVUSD Transcript Requests (paper copy)


Need a letter of recommendation for your college applications or a scholarship? 

1. Ask a teacher or your counselor if they can provide a letter or recommendation.

2. Complete the Request for Letter of Recommendation form, or pick up a copy in Student Services. 

3. Remember to complete both sides of the form before returning to your teacher or counselor.

Dual Enrollment at Napa High

Napa High students are allowed to enroll in classes at Napa Valley College to earn high school credit for certain classes.  Check out our Dual Enrollment page for the required steps to complete the registration process.  Please make an appointment with your counselor to discuss your options. 

High School Permit to Attend Form - please complete this online form after discussing with your counselor. The form will go through a virtual signature process and you will receive an email in your Napa Valley College email account when it's finalized.

Napa Valley College Dual Enrollment Information